What is Millionaire Network?

Millionaire Network is the only invitation-only affiliate network completely dedicated to advertiser success. Our exclusive community includes only the most successful US publishers, each of whom must meet our rigorous quality and performance standards.

That exclusivity means that advertisers enjoy higher-quality, higher-volume traffic from fewer publishers that converts more effectively. They also have access to an award-winning creative services team that can develop and optimize campaigns.

With Millionaire Network, publishers get exclusive offers from brand-name advertisers who compensate them well. And they won’t have to compete with small or shady affiliates that can tarnish their reputation by association.

Millionaire Network was founded with the sole purpose of getting results. After all, that’s what matters most to our advertisers, our publishers, and ultimately our reputation. Millionaire Network advertisers see rapid traffic growth because we only invite top publishers into our network. With the help of Piranha Media, we help advertisers structure and fine-tune campaigns to further boost results.

Millionaire Network epitomizes great marketing. Our advertisers and affiliates are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships that are profitable today and tomorrow.


Who leads the network?

Network Millionaire is the creation of experienced affiliate marketers and marketing executives who realized there wasn’t an affiliate network dedicated to advertisers that only accepted top-tier publishers. Today, Millionaire Network generates millions of dollars connecting high-spending advertisers with top-performing publishers. The company is led by two of its co-founders:

Chief Executive Officer Parker Powers is the creative force behind Millionaire Network and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. Parker is concurrently CEO and co-founder of Piranha Media, an interactive agency and  Millionaire Network sister company that aggressively engages online consumers with brand-name products and services through performance-based marketing. In these roles and previous ones, he has developed creative and improved email and affiliate marketing processes.

Chief Operating Officer Bryan Wiznuk is one of the top affiliate marketers in North America. He has wide-ranging experience innovating, planning, analyzing, and implementing email marketing programs while correlating functionality to business results. “Wiz” has developed a reputation as a master email marketer by applying his combined knowledge of ISPs, delivery methods, reputation-based sending, and Can Spam law compliance. This expertise enables him to drive massive amounts of Internet traffic to advertiser websites while boosting the ROI of their campaigns.


What sets Millionaire Network apart?


Millionaire Network was created to give serious advertisers high-quality, high-volume traffic that comes from fewer publishers. Our publishers get exclusive offers and a unique, exclusive community that’s only open to the best of the best.

Our commitment to quality and focus on results are in such sharp contrast to that of most networks that we gave it a name: the Millionaire Difference.

As we like to say: Once you’re in, you’ll understand.


Why is the network private?

To join Millionaire Network even top-ranked publishers must prove that their business practices and reputation align with our network standards.

Millionaire Networks’ exclusivity means advertisers don’t have to worry about click fraud and publishers don’t have to worry about the quality of offers. We also monitor our network to ensure ongoing compliance with our quality standards.


What can advertisers expect?

Millionaire Network focuses on the needs of advertisers throughout the lifecycle of their campaigns and our mutual relationship.

If you want help creating or optimizing campaigns that drive more leads and customers, we can help you. If you want access to the best publishers in the business, they’re available in our network and anxious to deliver traffic to you. We can help you monitor the success of your campaigns and maximize their value. If an issue arises, we respond promptly. Additionally, we can connect you to other successful businesses that can make a material difference to your bottom line. Just ask.

As a Millionaire Network advertiser, you won’t make an offer to an affiliate whose traffic quality, business practices, and reputation don’t meet our rigorous standards. You won’t have to worry about sub-IDs and other tricks that fall between the cracks at other networks, because we do due diligence on every publisher and effectively monitor them so you don’t have to worry about click fraud or brand hijacking.

Why send offers out to the masses just to get mediocre results? With Millionaire Network you can enjoy better ROI without the headaches.


What can affiliates expect?

Millionaire Network was built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers, so we understand that building a successful affiliate marketing business is hard work. If you’re driving $1 million or more per year’s worth of traffic, you didn’t get to where you are by accident. You know what it takes to succeed and we’d like to reward you with even more success and fewer hassles.

As a Millionaire Network affiliate, you are connected to a network of resources that can help fuel the success of your performance marketing programs, including top publishers, an award-winning interactive agency, and in-house experts who have proven affiliate marketing track records.

We choose advertisers as carefully as we choose affiliates to maintain the kind of integrity only an exclusive network can deliver. That means you’ll receive only those offers that meet our quality standards.

If you’re an email marketer, you’ll get offers that will resonate with your list. If you’re a search marketer we can help you get effective offers out faster. And if you’re driving traffic through a website, you’ll be able to integrate offers seamlessly into your site.


How can affiliates join?

If you’re a high-volume publisher with a great reputation interested in joining Millionaire Network, feel free to request an invitation. If you meet our standards of excellence, we’ll be happy to respond with a personal invitation.


I’m an advertiser. How can we get started?

Contact us today!