Increasing Conversions 101

To increase conversions, you can start with the basics. Does your site load quickly? Is it compatible with multiple browsers? Landing pages should be designed with the product – and its buyers — in mind. There should be a clear path to the sale rather than a distracting array of competing content. Less is more here. And you need to include frequent calls to action.

Your offers, of course, have to be appropriate to your page content. And rotating ads helps make offers appear fresher. Some ads work especially well placed in the corresponding editorial copy. Qualifying prospects with relevant editorial content helps build interest in the product and trust in the provider. Some examples:

- Credible reviews with details that help buyers clarify expectations
- Testimonials
- Articles from experts
- Blog posts about aspects of the product

Endorsement emails from experts tap into trust built with their customers. And don’t forget that your site’s tone should be that of a helper rather than a seller.

When it comes to the buying experience, here are some things to keep in mind:

- Keep the purchase process as simple as possible
- Highlight stages in the process to encourage completion
- Be up front about shipping costs early in the process
- Keep terms as simple as possible
- Provide as many payment options as possible
- Offer contact information, and a contact
- Ensure privacy and security
- Offer incentives (free shipping or a percentage off)
- Give buyers a reason to come back (sales, etc.).