Charitable Causes

Since the beginning, Millionaire Network’s corporate culture has been built on service, to families and communities throughout North America and the World. We are actively engaged in serving our communities through various programs from leadership roles at various non-profit and community outreach programs to providing food and clothing throughout United States and the World.

The Millionaire Network family is happy to report that we are working with the following charities:

SOS Support Our Soldiers
- VirginUnite

SPARK Worldwide is addressing the global orphan crisis in places like Africa, India, and Central and South America by:

  • Providing food, clothing, education & medical treatment
  • Teaching children about their value in the eyes of the Lord
  • Helping widows live to their full potential, thus impacting their ability to care for orphans
  • “Doing what we’d do for our own children.”

You too can become involved and give back! Please visit to join the cause.


Get Involved. Give Back.

Whether you’re currently active in community service, or looking to step up and serve those in need, reach out and contact us!