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Millionaire Network Announces New Chief Marketing Officer

P9December 11, 2013, Dallas, TX – Millionaire Network is proud to announce the appointment of Dean DuBois as the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) effective immediately. DuBois formerly held the position of VP of Affiliate Marketing. DuBois will be responsible for managing strategic relationships with affiliate partners, directing day-to-day operations, overseeing the marketing department with additional responsibility for developing and maintaining advertiser relationships.

DuBois has been with the Millionaire Network team for one year and has seven years experience in affiliate marketing. DuBois is a proven leader, with extensive background in web design, social media, web optimization, search marketing, lead generation, along with print advertising. Dean received his MBA from Rollins College.

“In my seven years working in the affiliate marketing space I would have to say that the team here at Millionaire Network is highly dedicated to delivering the highest forms of service and experience.  I am excited with my new role to help drive Millionaire Network to the next level.” – Dean DuBois

CEO Parker Power weighs in, “DuBois’s depth and breadth makes him an ideal fit for the CMO role. He has more than proven his dedication to our affiliate partners and our company. He has been an incredible asset over the past year, and we’re looking forward to growing with him.”


Millionaire Network, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is an affiliate network dedicated to advertiser success. Their exclusive community includes only the most successful US publishers, each of which must meet rigorous quality and performance standards. Millionaire Network is in its third year of business, and has ranked in Performance Revenue’s Blue Book Awards Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Networks in both 2012 and 2013. For more information on Millionaire Network, please visit 

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January 24, 2013

Once again, Millionaire Network ranks top 20 Affiliate Networks in the US!

Parker Powers of Millionaire Network tells us what it takes to grow a network into the BLUE BOOK Top 20 in less than three years.

Millionaire Network was a new entrant into the BLUE BOOK Top 20 for 2012 – an amazing performance for a network that was founded only two years earlier. During that time we at Revenue Performance have been able to see their increasing popularity via our annual survey. What has been intriguing is that while the sheer volume of publisher votes hasn’t been especially high, the average level of influence of those publishers has been. Millionaire Network may not get the most votes, but it does seem to get votes from people who matter.

Parker Powers is the CEO and co-founder. We thought we should ask him what he thinks he is doing right and what it takes to build a start-up network into a BLUE BOOK Top 20 entrant.

“From the very beginning we took the approach that you can only really add value for an advertiser if you have great publishers in your network,” he told us. “The publishers and affiliates are the key. And that’s where we came from ourselves – we had spent years as affiliates learning the business from the ground up.

“When it came to starting Millionaire Network we asked ourselves the question: as publishers, what would the perfect network look like?  What would we want it to be? Once we had worked out the answer, then we decided to build it.”

One of the interesting aspects of Millionaire Network’s model is that they are genuinely an invitation-only network. We wanted to know why they had chosen to go that route. Surely it limits the rate at which a network can grow when its just starting out?

“We began with one idea in mind. Our secret sauce if you want to call it that, except that it is not a secret. It is simply, “Quality First”. That means only good publishers and only great traffic. We have never been interested in signing up thousands of newbies or in feeding our publishers with a bunch of syndicated offers. We decided that we would rather grow slowly but with good quality as the determining factor. Quality first – it is as simple as that.”

The conversation continued as we talked about what’s involved in trying to maintain a high-level of publisher-capability. How does one go about recruiting a whole network full of what are effectively super-affiliates?

“You just have to realize that affiliates have a lot networks to choose from, so you have to differentiate yourselves by being seen as actually better. Lots of networks pay lip service to the idea that publishers are important, but they don’t follow through. We do. We work with many publishers that bring in tens of millions of dollars a year. They need a network that is totally professional, with completely reliable infrastructure and solid finances. Once you drill down into which networks can truly deliver on those requirements then you take an awful lot of networks out of contention.”

“So we understand that publishers can afford to be picky about which networks they work with. But networks should be picky too. As a network, if we accepted every publisher who wanted to apply, we would spend half our time sorting through them all and dealing with poor quality traffic. We avoid all that by working on an invitation-only basis. We do get asked about what our criteria for acceptance into the network is, and the answer is that we judge things case-by-case. But in general, we take the approach that almost all the good business in affiliate marketing is done by the top two or three per cent of publishers, so that’s the ballpark in which we operate. If a publisher can drive more than $1 million worth of traffic a year, then that’s a good start.”

“The truth is, there are probably less than a few thousand publishers total in the US that fall within the criteria needed to qualify for an invitation from Millionaire. Not all of them are in our network working on our advertiser’s behalf, but the simple truth is we have a lot of them. It makes a big difference for our advertisers because affiliates at that level of success don’t walk the floor at trade shows looking for business. Each one of those affiliates probably generates more business than several thousand newbies, but without our help many advertisers would never be able to reach them.”

That goes some way to explaining the profile of the publishers that we see in the BLUE BOOK survey voting for Millionaire Network, but it doesn’t address the success with advertisers. We asked Parker to talk about that aspect of their approach.

“We focus on building strong relationships, whether with brands, or merchants or agencies. By emphasizing relationships, we have been able to attract a lot of exclusive offers, and that is in turn great for our publishers. But it also means that we have a genuine responsibility to our advertisers to make their campaigns successful.”

So, a focus on high-quality offers for high-quality publishers, that in turn generate high-quality traffic – this is not a ground-breaking formula. Presumably then, the difference lies in execution? How about some details?

“Well, I’d like to be able to tell you more,” says Parker. “This is a good time for us and we have some real successes under our belt. We are lucky enough to be growing fast with a number of big brands as clients. The trouble is that in this business a lot of the time it’s better not to give too much detail about your successes. That’s why we use the slogan, ‘Once you are in, you’ll understand.’”

About Millionaire Network

Millionaire Network was founded in 2010 by Parker Powers, CEO, Bryan “Wiz” Wiznuk, COO, and Ronen Hamatian, CMO. Ronen told us:

“At the core of everything we do is responsibility. From Day One we deliberately adopted a very conservative approach to selecting our publishers. We are careful about the process by which they gain access to offers from our advertisers. And from the beginning we have incorporated proprietary quality-control and compliance technologies, and strict legal and accounting standards.

As a result, we now take pride in having the trust of several large, reputable brands who have chosen to give exclusive rights to us to promote their products and services via various channels. These advertisers include Fortune 500 companies with annual revenues of over $6 billion. These relationships really demonstrate Millionaire Network’s second-to-none standards of quality and the kinds of volume we can

The commitment to responsibility and quality runs through everything we do, with the goal of making a small, yet influential group of top affiliates and advertisers very satisfied. That is what success looks like to us, and it is what will ensure we are here to stay.”


February 14, 2012

Piranha Media’s Millionaire Network Named a Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Network by Revenue Performance Magazine

Recognition is based on reputation, influence, clientele, popularity and scale.

Dallas, TX, February 14, 2012 – Piranha Media, a leading full-service performance marketing agency, today announced that its Millionaire Network has been named among the Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Networks by Revenue Performance magazine.

“This recognition is particularly satisfying to our company’s leadership, and we can’t help but turn around and say thank you to our hard working publishers in Millionaire Network,” said Parker Powers, CEO of Piranha Media. “This is not just a list based on who’s the biggest, who has the most publishers in their network, or who has bigger clients; it’s based on a whole host of things including our reputation in the industry. We are proud of this recognition and know that we only have room to grow and get better.”

The magazine said, “These rankings are derived from the biggest ever survey of affiliates, publishers, advertisers and agencies in the performance marketing industry. Over 100,000 responses were analyzed, weighed and then allocated to the various networks, and then cross-checked with industry experts before we arrived at the final ranking positions.”

The magazine said its Blue Book Top 20 ranking of affiliate marketing, or Cost Per Sale (CPS), networks, “takes into account reputation, influence, clientele, popularity and scale. … In addition to the main survey, we also accept input from the Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts as well as our own research and aggregation of traffic data, measures of industry influence and as many other pieces of information as we can gather.”

About Piranha Media

Piranha Media is a full-service performance marketing agency delivering effective online advertising campaigns that yield proven results. Piranha Media rejects ineffective, unmeasured and unsecure tactics in favor of successful, responsible approaches that increase online sales while protecting brand image and minimizing click fraud. Piranha engages online consumers through the Millionaire Network, the only private invitation-only affiliate network completely dedicated to advertiser success. To learn more about Piranha Media, visit